When do I receive the pre-sale items?

Does Dogi charge the developer for the service?

How to launch a pre-sale?

What currency does Dogi currently support?

Who should I contact if I believe that my rights have been infringed upon?

What is Dogi?

Why Crowdfunding?

How to create a Smart Contract?

What can I get from Dogi pre-sale items?

What should I do if I forgot my password?

How the does the developer receive the funds from the pre-sale?

After the crowdfunding goal is reached, the raised Ethereum will be directly transferred to the developer's wallet through a Smart Contract. The Gas handling fee for this transfer is paid by the developer. If the crowdfunding target is not reached by the specified date, then the Ethereum is returned to the backer’s account through the Smart Contract and the Gas handling fee is paid by the backer.