Glitch Goons

Glitch Goons is a mobile fighting game with blockchain elements developed in 2018 by Estonian company Ether Dale. The game features a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere where cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters do battle. It is one of the first multi-blockchain mobile games on the market, supporting a whole range of cryptocurrencies. Glitch Goons is a free-to-play game with premium tournaments and a substantial prize pool. The core mechanics are automatic player vs. player combat system with no manual control over the fight, and an advanced character management system to modify your fighter's stats and abilities.

Project Details

Glitch Goons’ is a PvP automatic fighting game in which players can customize and upgrade their characters. You could say it’s a sort of virtual fight club.

The characters fighting each other are human-like animals, who wear armor and use various weapons. They can be equipped with modules, which upgrade their attack and/or defensive abilities. So far there are five types of fighter characters in the game, representing five different types of combat tactics. These tactics form a system of balance similar to the rock-paper-scissors opposition.

Every fighter has their own stats (health/hit points, strength, speed). These stats are increased with every level-up, but the increases are predefined by the nature of every character. For instance, strong characters upgrade their strength, fast ones – their speed, etc.

Players don’t have any manual control over the fighting. Their talent and mastery go into assessing their characters’ tactics, equipping and upgrading them properly to fight. That said, there are no two similar fights since every character has a hidden ‘luck’ stat, which can play a significant role in the outcome.

Players make their way up the league system. Every league competition takes two days of fighting. Once you’ve made it to the top of your current league, you get automatically transferred to the next one. You also receive bonus loot boxes as a reward.

The game is set in a cyberpunk world with a hint of vaporwave. While cyberpunk is a well-loved style in the film and AAA gaming industry, it is still new to the mobile market. We hope that ‘Glitch Goons’ will establish cyberpunk as an interesting environment among mobile players as well.

Glitch Goons is aimed towards midcore mobile players, as well as hardcore blockchain users. Our goal is to bring mobile and blockchain gaming communities together by providing a common ground with unique in-game characters and items that are blockchainable.

Risk Assessment

Aside from other unforseeable conditions that may affect the game completion,  the development schedule may be subject to change due to the scale of complexity in our design to implement multichain adoption. 


Pre-sale announcement 


Pre-sale start


Pre-sale end 


Late November, 2018 - early December, 2018 - the game release


The first in-game Tournament - mid December, 2018


Late January, 2019 - Update

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Ether Dale


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About $88.3


Contains five random gear items. Possibly a Rare or an Epic one.
Estimated Delivery

Immediate upon confirmation of purchase completion

Total 549


About $309.06


Contains five random gear items, definitely an Epic one among them. Maybe even a Legendary one.
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Immediate upon confirmation of purchase completion

Total 200


About $618.11


Contains five random gear items, definitely an Epic one among them. Very likely a Legendary one as well.
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Immediate upon confirmation of purchase completion

Total 80


About $1,766.04


Contains five Epic or Legendary gear items. Definitely one Legendary gear item among them, maybe even two!
Estimated Delivery

Immediate upon confirmation of purchase completion

Total 35

Ether Dale


Ether Dale produces unique games, based on blockchain smart contract technology, taking an innovative approach to the game development, combining balanced game dynamics with user-friendly management of blockchain assets, effectively blurring the boundaries between an exciting game and a full-on financial instrument.The first Ether Dale project, Ether Quest, was a typical startup. There were only six enthusiastic developers who loved the idea of a blockchain community. We soon realized we could do something much more complex, so we started putting together a team of professionals. Now the Ether Dale team has grown to 22 people, we have managed to put together the biggest and the most experienced team in the emerging crypto-game industry.
Our goal is to build the first multi-blockchain game. This means that the player can choose which blockchain they want to use to store their game characters and which cryptocurrency to use while paying to enter tournaments.

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