Purchase, Sell, Trade and Breed superr Cute 3D Pigs called 'Crypton' via Ethereum. Millions of Cryptons exisist varying in size, shape, color, pattern and accessory. Furthermore, take your Crypton onto the race track in Gran Ton Rismo to see how it stacks up against other Crypton!

Project Details

Risk Assessment

・DAUs are still low, this needs to be scaled as well as our presence in foreign markets. Through collaborations via the interoperability of the blockchain we intend to drive more users to Crypt-Oink and widen our appearance.

・Lack of cryptocurrency circulating within the game blocks users from investing more into the game. Currently integration of our own ERC-20 Token, or adoption of ENJIN, TRON, or EOS is currently being investigated


1.Crypton Racing Beta Phase 2:  Large scale update containing new features and overall improvements to the game 
2.GMO Coin (Japanese Exchange) Collaboration


Collaboration with Axie Infinity


1.Official Release of Gran Ton Racing (Crypton Racing)
2.Collaboration with CryptoKittes

March 13,2019

Team Intros!

Read up more about the team working behind the scenes at Good Luck 3

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Good Luck 3, Inc

Fukuoka, Japan

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The pre-sales phase of this Blockchain game project is undertaken and responsible by its owning project team. DOGI platform is not liable for any transaction incurred by the game project. Please be aware of the risks and act with caution.

Good Luck 3, Inc


Good Luck 3, Inc was founded in 2015 as an entertainment studio. With the publishing rights to 'Gudetama' (a famous character from 'Sanrio' HelloKitty brand), we have released multiple mobile titles as well as original IPs. As of 2018 GoodLuck3 pivoted to trailblazing blockchain advocay in Japan and released the first japanese blockchain game, 'Crypt-Oink'. 

Team Location

Fukuoka, Japan