Team Name

Ether Dale

About the Team

Ether Dale produces unique games, based on blockchain smart contract technology, taking an innovative approach to the game development, combining balanced game dynamics with user-friendly management of blockchain assets, effectively blurring the boundaries between an exciting game and a full-on financial instrument.The first Ether Dale project, Ether Quest, was a typical startup. There were only six enthusiastic developers who loved the idea of a blockchain community. We soon realized we could do something much more complex, so we started putting together a team of professionals. Now the Ether Dale team has grown to 22 people, we have managed to put together the biggest and the most experienced team in the emerging crypto-game industry.
Our goal is to build the first multi-blockchain game. This means that the player can choose which blockchain they want to use to store their game characters and which cryptocurrency to use while paying to enter tournaments.

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