What is DOGI?

DOGI is a platform based on blockchain technology to assist early stage crypto games and teams in pre-sales of digital assets to raise fund through decentralized crowsourcing, compliant and supporting ERC-721 standard. As a platform supporting crypto games where every user participates, owns and shares in the crypto economy, DOGI’s platform enables that sharing economy and fulfills the most imperative need in the early stage of game development where expertise advices, funding and user acquisition are the must-have leading to the initial launch. The users, players or participants become an essential part of success and growth with the game and team in the more sustaining manner and the binding is crisp clear in the transparent smart contract maintained on the chains, a general ledger concept.

With deep experiences in the know-how of building game platform, DOGI applies rich resources in building an ecosystem in the crypto game marketing, distributing, promoting and thus engaging players. This is a place where users come to look for fun games to play and to invest in their own digital assets.

DOGI would examine the teams and their games through due diligence to ensure the quality, credibility and integrity of the people, their products and their track record in terms of ability to deliver.

Arising Problems In Crypto Games

Blockchain based Crypto game sector is such a new field that defies many conventional rules played in the PC/Web, Console or mobile game industry. There are many underlying technology issues as well as business and marketing challenges. The mobile or PC/Web/Console distribution channels are not longer effective for crypto games.

More creative ideas are fast growing in the market. Not even reaching half of 2018, there are already over 1200 crypto games and growing. DOGI has seen more and more experienced game developers join the fray and producing sensible, playful and more suitable crypto games. The market has been going thru high and low and continuous correction to itself. But DOGI holds its bullish views on the expansion in this new paradigm of gaming in the shared economy with the audience.

DOGI’s Solution & Other Benefits

I. Crowdsourcing in the Player-Shared-Economy

Blockchain as a foundation technology breeds the nature of decentralization and brings light to a new wave of many use cases. Gamification on many of these use cases has seen greater success particularly where users participate and own their digital assets in the kind of shared economy never seen or possible before.

The gaming sector is positioned to include their players as part of the integral equation. But reaching out to the audience and finding the fund to help grow the development remains a challenge. Conventional funding sources lack timely efficiency and transparency.

DOGI platform aims to change the condition of the game industry by performing deal sourcing and selection of entries including teams and their games, through the combination of applying blockchain technology to build a new ecosystem and our vast network in the gaming industry as well as access to the smart capital.

Aside from performing the DD (Due Diligence, including background check, verification of ability to deliver, team quality) by a group of experts or judges, our platform offers marketing and promotion, discovery and recommendation. It also provides optional services of smart contract template and advising on game designs to be crypto-enabled.

II. Benefits

  1. Game developers and their crypto game projects receive free platform services to establish pre-sales of collectible digital assets and subsequent launch
  2. Access to highly experienced mentors and experts, supported by a shared-success mechanism by rewards issued by game or developer in combination of token rewards issued by DOGI.
  3. Marketing and promotion to a wider audience and ecosystem.
  4. Talented teams or games have access to further capital funding.
  5. Potential to participate DOGI Accelerator Program and absorb synergy by working with other like-minded global teams.
  6. Investors have access to highly qualified deal sourcing.
  7. DOGI Platform Service — Completely FREE.

DOGI Fund Investment and Accelerator Program

  1. DOGI has established a capital fund to invest in selected teams or games.
  2. We welcome other Crypto game portals or platforms to work with us as we are positioned to provide further capital infusion.
  3. DOGI has secured a facility in China where we will bring global talents into our Accelerator Program and incubate these talents into the next stage of growth and funding.

What Is DOGI's Mission?

Our missions is to discover talented crypto game developers and games and engage players in sharing the economy created by the blockchain technology from early stage to its sustainable growth. In this economy every one has a chance to participate. The ownership is decentralized and recorded openly, so is the possibility.

Founded to Envision Game Innovation

Envisioning the unstoppable growth of crypto games much like the very early stage of the mobile game sector, DOGI is the brainchild of the team behind the founder and chairman Harry Xiao, who has taken immense interest and study in the blockchain technology and become a frequent opinion leaders contributing to a number of related media channels in China. He has also been a prolific angel investor with deep passion to help entrepreneurs in gaming and tech.

He founded Downjoy( that is one of the top Android mobile game platforms in China and also founded (1) HuHuVR which is the largest VR content platform in China, aggregating over 3000 games and millions of registered users, (2) AJoyLab, a high quality, triple-A production game studio.

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